Just like the ForeverLawn products, our installations are unique and innovative. We understand that installing even the best artificial turf the wrong way can make the whole project look bad. We guarantee an installation that will look great and stand the test of time. From the base prep, nailer boards, cutting, seaming, to the securing, finishing, and clean-up... we evaluate every step to ensure your project is a masterpiece.



With our premium backing and seaming system, we eliminate the problems often associated with harsh glue-down seams. Our mechanically bonded seams make for a better looking install and one that will not be damaged by expansion or contraction during cold or hot weather. Also, you can rest assured that kids and pets will be playing in a glue-free and chemical-free atmosphere.

Even though our state of the art seaming system makes residential do-it-yourself projects easier than ever before, we still would like to recommend utilizing a professionally trained ForeverLawn installation team when available. Our installation team takes pride in their work and treats each project with the care and uniqueness it deserves. From specialized tools to years of refined techniques – our knowledge and experience can turn your project into a total success.


For those of you committed to tackling your project all by yourself, we have installation instructions available for your review or download below. Commercial projects, sports fields, and playgrounds can be much more involved in the base prep, drainage, and installation techniques. Please contact me with any questions you may have about a DIY project!