SportsGrass® is a great fit for your field. SportsGrass has a natural underfoot feel with great durability and a terrific appearance. Our dense, varied blade structure greatly reduces infill fly out and responds to play like natural grass. This product is truly revolutionizing the sports turf industry!


The enhanced construction, durability, and safety of SportsGrass by ForeverLawn provides superior playing performance for years to come. While the quality of SportsGrass is easily seen in the product, its true value is revealed over time by how well the product performs over the life of the installation.

Natural Underfoot Feel

SportsGrass® products have a shorter blade height, higher face weight, and unique blade construction. This creates increased density and a look and feel that mimics natural grass.

Enhanced Stability

Our premium, three-layer backing creates dimensional stability that ensures straight lines stay straight and also provides some shock attenuation. Because we build this stability into our products, our infill is to support the blades and improve performance, not as a ballast or stabilizer as seen in inferior products.

Reduced Infill and Flyout

In addition to a decreased need for infill, the thatch zone of SportsGrass provides a better system for locking the infill in place. This means there is less infill flying around and interfering with the players. The thatch also creates a more natural playing surface.

Unmatched Realism

SportsGrass products are produced using a unique, multi-colored grass fiber system for a turf that really looks like natural grass and is constructed in a way that replicates premium natural grass performance.

Micromechanical Seaming

A technologically advanced micromechanical seaming process joins to rolls with seams that are virtually invisible and highly durable even under extreme conditions.

Expert Installation

We have highly trained, local teams to install every project. We use specialized equipment and surveyor transits to ensure a precise, meticulous installation. Our professionals understand how to create the realistic finished field that offers the desired performance.

Controlled Production

SportsGrass partners with the leading turf manufacturing facility which produces hundreds of quality sports fields each year. SportsGrass products are designed and built to our specifications and under our control from start to finish. The process begins with the tufting of the product, which ensures durability and ends with our unique, 3-layer backing featuring our BioCel™ based back and high recycled content.

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SportsGrass Turf Field Installation by ForeverLawn

The SportsGrass team uses an installation process that is focused on precision and excellence. While speed of an install may be important, our main focus is providing quality and professional installations. We use a combination of tools (surveyor transits, templates, special cutting tools and more) and methods (multi-point marking, geometric positioning, etc) to create truly straight and true lines.

Why Pick SportsGrass Artificial Turf For Your Sports Field

Get the Advantage with SportsGrass Invest in a better, more consistent playing surface, indoors and outdoors. Your athletes who play on it, fans who support it, and crews who maintain it will thank you. The enhanced construction, durability, and safety of SportsGrass ® provides superior playing performance for years to come.